This is one of the most common and the fastest growing auto appearance service in the market. It can be classified as interior detailing for the interior of the car and exterior detailing for car exterior.




Depending on the component being detailed, the state of the component and the customer’s needs, different methods and solutions are used.


Exterior Detailing

This involves conditioning and restoring the car’s original appearance and the car’s original appearance. The exterior detailing involves cleaning and restoration of the car’s finish, chrome trim, wheels & tires and windows.

Interior Detailing

As the name suggests, it involves an extensive cleaning of the vehicle’s interior cabin. The interiors of vehicles are created of a variety of materials all of which require special attention and cleaning methods. There are materials like synthetic carpet, vinyls, leather, carbon fiber composites, natural fibers and others.


Features and Benefits

In cleaning, some of the most commonly components include:

  • Acid free degreasers and detergents to break down soil or oil.
  • Detail clay for removing embedded contaminates
  • Waxes and polishes that improve the reflectivity

Various methods are used to clean these materials and products. Steam cleaning, vacuuming, foam chemical & liquid detergents, and brushes are used in cleaning to remove stains that stick to upholstery. In addition, some non-porous surfaces may be polished.