Q Design Auto Center is one of the primary car care centers in Kuwait. Q Design was established in 2009. Located at Al Rai area behind Safat Al Ghanim, Q Design is equipped with more than 85 professionals that serve clients with various services, such as car detailing and restoration, car protection, window tinting ,car wrapping and paintless dent repair. With an area of 1500 square meters, with 3 branches in Kuwait we are able to manage and load up to 4500 vehicles during a whole season. Q Design Auto Center seeks to allocate the latest car care services with skilled employees by many industry leaders in the world. We strive to take dealership in order to distribute the greatest and newest products and services.

Vision Statement

We are the worlds leading and fast growing restoration industry in car care. Q Design provides and delivers superior products and services of exceptional values to its customers. We are recognized as a place of ‘first class’ to customers. Our growth is fueled by a tremendous need for quality and affordability.

Future Plans

Q Design aim to expand to five more branches outside Kuwait—in Qatar, Dubai and Los Angeles in order to continue innovation. We also strive to add more services to customers in order to expand our marketing and advertising aspect in nearby areas and cities.


Q Design is spotted as a second, and only, innovator in making car care products manufactured in Kuwait. We are accountable to people in Kuwait and we value and recognize employees’ contributions and talents. Regarding efficiency, we attempt to identify the best way to deliver high quality services with the most efficient use of own resources. Q Design make informed decisions that make a difference at the industry, and, also, value new ideas and concepts—which are fundamental to the successful delivery of services to customers.


Q Design is the supplier and distributor of many brands in the automotive car industry. PBMG is the owner of many detailing varieties, such as pinnacle-black label and black fire. We are also the distributor of flex and ruppes, Luxo and Pentagon for window films, Nano Fusion and Xpel, for car protection films and Avery film fpr wrapping, Mayvinci Coating, Mothers, and many more.