Window Film (Tinting)

The heat of the sun reaches us from visible sunrays and invisible infrared rays that can only be felt. Window filming protects occupants from harmful sun rays and creates a cooling effect. Due to global warming and depletion of the ozone layer, direct sunlight may affect those riding in vehicles. This occurs when direct radiation passes through windows of cars and can only be avoided if window filming protection is used. The method combines first-class technology, quality performance and crystal clear clarity and can be easily installed using the film’s standard shrink to expertly handle and easily apply in any weather condition. The film is protected against peeling, fading, cracking, delamination and adhesive failure.


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Window filming is created from superior laminated film which is resistant to scratch, non-reflective, and can be easily applied. Color stable dyes provide lasting color and non-metal modeling offers superior ultraviolet protection. It is composed of a well-crafted range of high-performance, precious metals including silver, gold and indium. The unique properties of the precious metals coupled with the exquisite engineering expertise that is used helps to naturally select the bandwidth of the solar spectrum that can cause damage to your car and automatically prevent them from entering the car and hindering your comfort. The mix of expertise, technology and use of the best material makes this window filming solution an exceptional product that is among the top line of products produced.

Windows filming guarantees:
  • Ultimate heat absorption
  • Scratch resistance
  • Infrared protection up to 80%
  • Lifetime warranty guarantee (subject to special terms and conditions)
Features and Benefits
  • Outstanding heat rejection mechanism to provide a suitable film for classy cars through the use of clear-film technology.
  • Through the protection, a person is able to drive safely. It also reduces the glare and increases visibility for better safety.
  • The car is more comfortable because a person is not hurt by the harmful rays. It can filter out up to 99% of the original rays while allowing about 40 to 90% of the sunlight.
  • It reduces solar heat gain by rejecting up to 60% absorbance, which reduces the demand for AC systems.
  • It protects both the interior and exterior sections from fading and maintains the original look of the car.
  • The top level applications employed in the window filming solution guarantee that your car and you are protected for 10 years after installation.