Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film is an invisible solution that keeps your vehicle looking new by maintain its vivid color. It protects your vehicle’s paint finish from chipping and stains due to road debris, harsh weather and bus stains. The protection helps one to save since they are not required to paint touch-ups details that are caused by some of these factors.
A professional installer of PPF backs it with a limited lifetime warranty against yellowing, peeling bubbling or cracking. PPF is a smart recommendable investment for your vehicle not just because of its obvious ability to protect the look of your car but also for the purpose of a trade-in. The use of paint protection film guarantees you a higher trade-in value for the vehicle.


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The ultimate PPF is a trendsetter that has provided the best in-class durability and clarity in the market, a kind that has never been experienced before. It is made with very low energy surface that sheds contaminants that could stain the vehicle. It also has special elastomeric polymers that eliminate swirl marks and other scratches over time automatically. This makes the ultimate PPF a revolutionary in the field of car paint protection solutions. The product comes with a 10 year warranty that covers any chances of damage or fault in the vehicle’s paint which are very unlikely.

PPF is made from a satin finish to offer protection against debris and other effects that would destroy that paint underneath it. It is also easy to use with vinyl due to the conformability of the product. Additionally, PPF is a perfect fit for protection over matte finishes and matte vinyl stripes without adding gloss to the paint which is the ideal need for race cars, hot rods and exotic factory paints.


Self Healing Paint Protection Film XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film

Features and Benefits
  • PPF uses a patent pending film technology that outperforms topcoats. The topcoats used currently make installation of PPFs more difficult and causes them to wear out faster with time. The separation at the boundary between the PPF and the topcoat may cause crazing and stress cracking which tampers with the appearance.
  • PPF is easier to install and improves its conformity and the ability to retain gloss and resist the damage that may affect the paint.
  • PPF is also exemplary in its ease of installation. The lack of topcoat makes the PPF more conformable, and easier to work on to the contours on the vehicle. It is compresses and expands easily to allow a smooth finish installation.
  • Additionally, it is more tackable, whereby the solution is designed to tack and hold by using the alcohol solution. The slip solution used provides easy release and is more positionable due to the film’s ability to lift up to achieve the best installation fit. The ease is evident in the speed of installation, which may take about an hour.
  • In the current market, car owners opt to keep their vehicles for a longer period hence spend more in car care so that the trade in value is still high when selling it. Dealers in vehicle sale are informed about vehicles.
  • A customer needs opportunities to make the sale of a vehicle more profitable. Such opportunities are the on-sale points such as a vehicle’s appearance. Q Design covers you in the PPF installation of your car to ensure that the car’s glossy appearance or the ready matte finish stays looking fresh and new for as long as possible.