Paint Less Dent Repair

Repair dents, door dings and hail damage without repainting. Paint less dent repair is a fast, affordable substitute for expensive body shop repairs. Experienced paint less dent repair experts can repair dents in less than 20 minutes.




 Paint less repair has become a popular body shop substitute for dings and dents. Instead of taking a vehicle to a body shop and spending time and money fixing the dents, you can quickly carry out dent repairs in a convenient and less-costly manner through paint less dent repair.
Skilled paintless dent repair experts use specially designed tools (picks and metal rods) to massage out small dents and dings in the vehicles body. This is done from the interior side of the panel, accessing the dent from the rear. Basically, the average repair normally takes 10 to 20 minutes from beginning to end, with highly satisfactorily results especially if the technician is well-trained.

Features and Benefits

Basically, 80% to 90% of the minor dents and dings that occur on a vehicle can be repaired using paint less dent repair. The percentage of probable repairs is dependent on the technician’s degree of expertise and experience.
Some of the benefits it provides are:

  • Quick- most repairs take 10 to 20 minutes to complete as compared to body shop repairs that take days to complete.
  • Affordable- it does not require any repainting, hence the repair cost of paint less dent repair I lower in comparison to a body shop repair.
  • Convenient- it can be delivered through mobile means.
  • Outstanding outcomes- customers are always satisfied by the results obtained.