Nano Ceramic Coating


Nano ceramic coating is composed of non-silicone polymers that use cutting edge technology on nano particles to create an intelligent coating solution. The coating makes up layers of ceramic-like matrices on the vehicle paint finish. The layers are protective and glossy.


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The ceramic polymers form a cross-link of covalent bonds of the nano particles. The bonds are selected by for a specific amount of vehicle paint finish protection and enhancement. The technique used involves UV exposure to cause decomposition of coatings through oxidation and loss of paint gloss strengthens the ceramic coatings. Such advanced techniques used are the reason that the company is able to compete as among the best car care solutions in the world.


Features and Benefits
  • Modified nano particles cross-links with the ceramic polymer in a 3 dimensional matrix on the surface of the car. This provides a protective layer that is durable and reliable.
  • A component in the coating lowers the surface energy while imparting anti-static properties which eliminate water, oil and dust.
  • A third component adds elasticity and improves the elasticity of the hard coating that prevents scratching that may mar the paint. For instance, the surface swirl masks allow the affected area to reform on exposure to sunlight and heat.
  • A special polymer is used to level the protective surface and also aids in assisting the healing process of the car. It also offers resistance to chemical damage.
  • There is also a polymer that works as an absorber for UV rays and emits them as heat and light.